11 x 11 x 11 cm

a project by Igor Metropol
26 – 30. October 2011
Art Market Budapest art fair | www.igormetropol.org/11x11x1

Curators: Katja Melzer and Nóra Lukács

In the framework of the exhibition 11 x 11 x 11 cm, Igor Metropol exhibited miniature works by 27 international artists at the Art Market Budapest. As a non-profit organization, we intended to present alternative strategies of artistic production and exhibition within a commercial art fair. By designing a portable wooden installation to showcase a number of small artworks by lesser-known artists, our booth also questioned the rules of the art world. We reached out through an open call to a wide range of international artists to participate in the project. The proposed works could deal with any topic and be realized using any technique, but their size was not to exceed 10 x 10 cm, or alternatively 10 x 10 x 10 cm for three-dimensional artworks. The presence of artworks from different regions at the then emerging local Art Market fair also reflected Igor Metropol’s mission to strengthen relations between Budapest and the rest of the world.

Participating artists:
Jakob ANCKARSVARD (SE), BARTHA Máté (H), BORSOS Lörinc (H), CSALA Dóra (H+DE), CSERNÁTONY LUKÁCS László (H), Barbara EKSTRÖM (SE), Catriona FAULKNER (UK), FRIDVALSZKI Márk (H+AT), Christopher GARCIA (USA), Naoyuki HATA (JP), Koray KANTARCIOGLU (TR), Ana KOMATINA (BiH), KORALEVICS Rita (H), Ninoslav KOVACEVIC (CS), PALATINUS Dóra (H), Bettina STEINACKER (DE), SZABÓ Klára Petra (H), SZABÓ Péter (H), SZALAY Péter (H), SZENTESI Csaba (H), SZÖLLŐSI Géza (H), TIMKÓ Bibor (H), Peter TRUKENBROD (SE), Gruppo TÖKMAG (H), VARGA Eszter (H), Preben VAN DER STRAETE (BE), Arin ZADOORIAN (IR)

The portable installation was designed and built by Gábor BENCSIK architect and Melinda MOLNÁR designer together with the Igor Metropol team.

Photos: Lovas Dávid and Igor Metropol

Nomination for Katalizator Award

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