Igor Metropol Kulturális Egyesület

President: Nóra Lukács

IGOR METROPOL is a non-profit organization located in Budapest, founded in 2011 by people from different creative sectors. The association was run by funding members Katja Melzer and Nóra Lukács between 2011 and 2015 actively. Our aim is to foster the visibility of contemporary culture from Hungary abroad and to strengthen international relations between Budapest and the World. Working project based our interests range from contemporary pop/electronic MUSIC to fine ARTS and pop-cultural PHENOMENA in general. Through openness and collaborative creativities we intend to cross the boundaries between producer and audience of various artefacts and cultural products.

Budapest, 1116, Sztregova u. 1., 4th floor

Adószám (Hungarian tax number): 18219722-1-43
Statisztikai számjel (Hungarian statistical number): 18219722 9499 529 01
Nyilvántartási szám (Hungarian registration number): 01-02-0014451