24 perc / 24 Minuten

Young art from Berlin and Budapest
20. July – 13. August 2006 | Tűzraktér, Budapest
27. Oktober – 17. November 2006 | Pfefferberg, Berlin

Curators: Katharina Bunke, Nóra Lukács, Katja Melzer, Lívia Rózsás

The group exhibition and the accompanying music acts were a result of a grassroots cooperation between students of the Humboldt University in Berlin and the Eötvös Lóránd University in Budapest. As future art historians we tried to investigate the art of our own generation and look for differences and similarities in the art scene of the two European capitals. Our experience of new media and communication tools in the early 2000s made suddenly distances shrink and were creating wider opportunities of exchange and artistic means. Berlin and Budapest are separated by six degrees of longitude; the title 24 minutes refers to the non-perceived time difference between the two cities and its effect.

Participating artist:
ORBÁN Gergely Kristóf, HATHÁZI László, SZENTES Csaba, SZABÓ Péter Levente, KORALEVICS Rita, KUDÁSZ Gábor Arion, ZANA Krisztián, TÁBORI András from Budapest
Romy BLÜMEL / Brian POVAK, Jana DEBRODT, FallerMiethStüssiWeck, Korinna HORVÁTH, Gerit KOGLIN, Julia PFALLER / Maria TACKMANN, Oliver SCHMIDT, Norbert WITZGALL from Berlin

Installation views “24 perc / 24 Minuten” in Tűzraktér and Pfefferberg,
Photos: Nóra Lukács, Poster: Balla Zoltán

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